“I stood and watched an eagle fly, spread his wings and soar across the sky, so gracefully he flew, rising effortlessly, I wanted to know just how to be free” – The imperials

From the Native Indians to the early Christians and even some of the greatest empires in history, so many cultures worldwide have long heralded the Eagle as a totem, signifying spirit, strength, vision and freedom. Legend has it that Mexico’s Aztecs so revered the bird, that they built their capital at the spot where an eagle perched on a cactus.

The eagle itself is one of the largest birds of prey. Eagles possess incredible vision and strength and are known to soar to extreme heights. Whether or not you believe in totems, there are some lessons we can all takeaway from these magnificent creatures that may help us warrior through our everyday lives.

Perspective, Vision & Focus

As she soars so effortlessly, high up in the sky, she soaks in a phenomenal perspective of the world. With her sharp vision she spots a small rabbit a mile away. Her focus locks onto her prey and she watches intently until, at the perfect moment she swoops in with perfect precision.

Perspective is a great tool, even for us humans. In challenging circumstances emotionally detaching and looking objectively at the overall issue can provide an insightful perspective. This perspective can help us to rise up above the obstacles and to re-assess the challenge. When we add strategic vision and a firm focus into the mix we find within us the ability to endure and overcome any obstacle in our way.


With her incredibly strong talons she latches onto her prey. Her light body then lifts it to a place she can devour it. With her powerful beak she breaks it down and consumes her prey until there is nothing of it left. She then returns home to her mate where she delicately uses her beak to groom his feathers.”

True strength is demonstrated through understanding and confidence in ones abilities and self. Despite the weight of our challenges we can draw on an inner strength to overcome them. If we understand the power in our bite or words then we will appreciate their importance and have better control over how strongly or how delicately to use them.

Embrace the storm

As the storm arrives creatures all around scurry for shelter, but not her. She feels the winds the storm brings and uses them to lift her higher and higher.”

How often do we glide on the winds of our storms? If we attempt to rise above our problems rather than dwell on them and allow them to discourage us, then we can learn to see through the storm and to view the hard times as hidden opportunities to learn, develop and grow. These opportunities can help up reach new levels in our lives.

Shedding the old

A new season begins and her feathers begin to fall. As she moults her body feels weak and vulnerable, but once the process is over, lustrous new feathers cover her body and she is ready for a new season.

There are seasons in our lives, where we too must shed off the old to make way for the new. This period of letting go of old things, people or habits, and this time of change can be challenging for us to go through but is necessary, to allow room for better things to come into our lives and to prepare us for the wonderful new seasons ahead.

And so like the eagle, use your perspective, vision and strength to overcome obstacles in life. Learn from the hard times, shake off the old and make way for the new, then we too may soar high in the sky like eagles