A beautiful winter morning, the sun has just come up and I watch as it’s warm golden rays begin to transform the landscape. The birds bask in the warmth of the sun, as they sing their morning chorus. The sunlight awakens the trees as their leaves glisten gold and dance in the gentle breeze. And as the light hits them, even the humble droplets of dew sitting on the grass sparkle like thousands of little diamonds.

I look up and notice the depth of the blue that fills the sky and the grandeur of the cloud formations hovering effortlessly above.

It only takes a moment of looking around to make me realise that you don’t have to look far, sometimes you just have to look a little harder, to see that there truly is beauty all around.

Does nature amaze you? Do you feel connected to it? The more time I have spent in nature observing and learning about the natural processes – the way in which everything is interconnected and forms part of an eco-system, how everything is in perfect balance and how the whole system is self sufficient – the more I feel connected and amazed by it all.

Some wonder about magic and miracles. I now see miracles and magic everyday! Just waking up on this beautiful, blue planet suspended in space, and positioned the absolute perfect distance from the sun, to sustain this whole eco-system,  and to sustain human life – is a miracle!

And what about considering something as simple as a tiny little seed. How does the seed know what to put forth? Where did that piece of code come from, to tell it what type of tree it should grow into, the colour and shape of its leaves, the type of fruit it will bear? I don’t know much about magic, but this seems like magic to me.

But above all of this, the most fascinating thing to me is how the beauty of nature and the perfection of it’s natural processes came into being without the help or intervention of a single human being. No human to think about it, plan for it, build it or even manage it. It doesn’t even need us…but we need it!

And though we live in a world where science is so quickly expanding, and technology is leaping forward before our very eyes – it takes just a moment to look around, to see the stars in the night sky, the moon and the sun and the trees, to be reminded that in the grand scheme of things how little we humans actually know, and therefore the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

I feel honoured that I have the opportunity to spend a figment of time, walking here on earth amongst all of the magnificent feats of nature. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude, and I feel connected. And all of these feelings are triggered from simply just taking a moment to look and appreciate the beauty that is all around.