There is a refugee crisis plaguing the world! With the world population set to soar, this will only get worse until the fundamental issues are addressed.

The easy option for us is to turn a blind eye, to say that this is not our problem, to lock people out. We look back at history at many atrocities against humanity with disbelief that these things were allowed to happen. What will the world say when it looks back at the refugee crisis in our world today?

We may not live in the same country so it may not be our problem, but we live on the same planet. It takes great leadership and courage to speak out, to unite the hearts and minds, to call for our leaders to unite to act and act fast. To treat these people as not another number, but as women, men and children that are all somebody to somebody.

“The boat” was written as a tribute to the voiceless refugees in this world. Using my voice I want to provide a perspective that will compel others to seek understanding and compassion, to not turn a blind eye but to rise up, stand up and speak out. If it was our sons and daughters this would not be acceptable and so to think that this is not our problem is simply not good enough.

For every death of a refugee child, woman or man, I say shame on us – it’s time for our world leaders to unite and take responsibility!

The Boat

I hear gunfire and explosions, there is fighting nearby,

From brutal violence and famine, I watch my loved ones perish and die.

In desperation I look for safety, but it is no where to be found,

There is only devastation, sickness and death all around.

An existence in this place, leaves few options for me,

A new recruit? A disease? Or death may set me free.

My body lingers on, but my soul has been exiled,

Still I hold on to life, not for me, but for my child.

An offer comes for us to get a board a boat,

Intuitively I know it is the only option, to keep my hope afloat.

It will be dangerous, we could die in the surging sea,

Surely anything is better than this present misery.

To the voices that call us “boat people”, to those that can’t understand,

We are human too, the same human as you, but there is distress in our land.

So I traveled on a boat, to seek safety from your country,

Not to take your jobs or security, I came because I am a refugee.