Do you ever feel like you’re searching for something more out of life? Searching for that feeling of fulfillment and contentedness? So often we search in all the wrong places, stocking up on material things or placing unreasonable expectations on other people or relationships, expecting that they will bring those feelings of fulfillment that we are looking for — but then we find nothing can really make us feel this way until we truly find ourselves and find appreciation and gratitude for our lives.

This is a short poem about  my personal experience, soul searching for more. I hope you can relate!

I look up, I look down, I look all around,

But More is nowhere to be found.

I chase after More in the shopping mall and I find More for a day,

But how quickly More seems to fade away.

I look for More in other people and what I want them to be,

But insistently, More keeps pointing back at me.

Houses and cars, material things — surely now I have found More?

But More is further away than ever before.

Finally in my pursuit, I find More in less and less in More — how ironic More can be?!

I find More in helping, giving, loving and then at last, I find More in me.