As a caterpillar lays there in its chrysalis for weeks or even months, it’s body goes through a transformative process. First the body breaks itself down before it begins to re-build itself. As it nears time for the creature to complete its transformation, it must endure one last struggle, it must break free of this cocoon. With each wriggle it strengthens itself and becomes prepared for the journey ahead. “If any part of this process did not occur or was cut short the creature would be unable to transform” (The lesson of the butterfly by Paul Coelho)

As we journey through life, sometimes we can feel like that little caterpillar, stuck, unable to move and struggling to get ahead. Perspective can help us realise that often the struggles we are going through, are strengthening us and teaching us the lessons we need in order to fly.

Going through struggles aren’t worth it if there is no change. But, if we are open to looking at the situation, taking some learning from it, and changing something, then like that little caterpillar we are transforming and the struggle is not in vein.

Life sometimes makes us feel like we’re being broken down. It’s often in these moments, our lowest points, that we find our moments of truth. We can consciously choose to use these moments to trigger the transformation that will build us up to be even better than we were before.

Realistically, life is not always so straightforward. The point is, if we hold onto belief that something better is coming, we can change our perspective and make a conscious decision to learn something from every situation. Though this may not make the struggles go away, it may make it easier to go through the struggles and will help us come out more informed, more resilient and may even give us the strength we need to fly!