“As we drive away from the city and into the wilderness, the night sky appears to get darker and darker, yet the stars appear in clusters brighter than before”

One of my favourite things to do in summer, when we go camping, is to gaze up into a clear night sky, and just enjoy what appears like a million little diamonds sparkling down on me. Have you ever noticed how the darker the sky appears, the brighter the stars seem?

In dark times, the same can be metaphorically true. Whilst we may not be living in the darkest of times, the news around us can certainly paint a bleak picture of the world – headlines depicting economic turmoil, natural disasters, climate change, health crises and the list goes on. It can make us feel like we are living in dark times, and it can make us feel a little hopeless. But if you sift through the news, you will surely uncover stories of triumph – people fighting for good causes, people overcoming dark situations with random acts of kindness and love. We can liken these people to the bright stars that stand out in the night sky. This ability to shine is within each of us, and these opportunities to shine are all around us. All we have to do is take the time to look and act.

Shining in dark times isn’t only about the big gestures, like a superhero saving the world from a cataclysmic comet. It’s really the sum of all the small things – kind words to someone going through a difficult situation, making sustainable choices, donating things that could be useful to someone else, volunteering your skills. It’s the sum of all these small parts that will help to bring about the big changes we want to see in the world. How? By touching the hearts and minds of one another, we are inspiring each other to be better people, to live better – we are raising the bar! We don’t just need one or two people to do big things to see change in the world, what we need is millions of people all over world doing lots of small things. A beautiful constellation is not made up of one star but many!

Let’s encourage one another to make conscious decisions each day to brighten some ones day, and to live life in a brighter way!