Tippet, tippet, tippet…he listens intently to an odd sound coming from the engine. As he pulls up to a red light, he notices how the car shudders as it abruptly stops. Waiting for the light to change, he looks around at the aged interior and takes in that musty old leather smell. After years of neglect, shortcuts down rough dirt roads, missed car maintenance appointments and driving on empty, things have begun to take a toll…this old ride is falling apart. And so it’s in that moment, as he realizes that he does not have enough money to buy a new car that he finds appreciation for the car that he has. He finally perceives it’s true value and just like that decides that from now on, he will take better care of this vehicle.

So many times I’ve heard our bodies described as a “vehicle”. This really resonates with me as I see us as the souls that live within, and can draw some parallels;

• Roads are the life path we are on, whether we like to admit it or not they are mostly the result of decisions we have made over the years
• Maintenance appointments is the time we have taken to maintain and repair our bodies, health checkups, physically working out our body, meditating/prayer, training our minds and;
• Fuel is the inputs – The food we eat, the types of messages we’ve been listening to
, the things that we’ve been subjecting ourselves to on TV, on the internet etc.

So if we’re not careful, if we neglect our bodies and make bad lifestyle choices, we can suddenly find ourselves going down those bumpy dirt roads. We can end up in an unhealthy lifestyle that compromises our physically, mental or emotional well-being and eventually we can end up like a vehicle broken down.

Growing up I watched my dad repair many damaged cars, some so bad they were written off. It took time, it took skill and it took a vision, but in the end you could not tell how damaged the car was to begin with. And so I feel that the good news is that it doesn’t matter if you’ve been down the worst paths in life and find yourself broken down, because ultimately you are in the driver seat and you can turn things around…as long as you make a decision. A decision that will take vision and your commitment, and a decision that you will need to fuel by investing your time learning, how to eat better, how to think better, how to make better life choices. Deep down you know it’s a decision worth making because you know that all the money in the world will not get you a new vehicle. So make that decision today to invest in yourself, your physical, mental and emotional well-being and before long you’ll be cruising down lifes amazing roads to extraordinary destinations!