“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Dr Wayne Dwyer

As a kid I remember laying down on the grass next to my mum looking up at the clouds and letting our imaginations run wild. — “Look a horse”, “look a face.” — They were just clouds after all, but looking at them in different ways was fun.

Our daily lives are clouded with situations we need to get through, some simple and others more difficult. To live a happy life it’s important that we don’t allow these situation to run us to the ground. I believe that often simply changing our perspective can help us better deal with situations, or at least get through them with a better attitude and a more positive outlook.

How understanding can change perspective

A friend of mine once complained about a difficult boss they had to deal with at work. It was getting to the point where he dreaded to go into work. He later learned that this boss had lost a daughter when she was very young and had another daughter at home that had a debilitating illness. Although there is no excuse for treating other people badly, this additional information changed my friends perspective of his boss. He was now more compassionate and understanding and wouldn’t allow all the small things to annoy him. This new perspective meant he changed his tact with his boss which later meant that they actually became friends.

From the perspective of learning and opportunity

Maybe it’s a difficult boss you have to deal with, perhaps you missed out on a promotion, maybe someone just cut you off when you were driving, or maybe it’s more serious and you or a loved one are dealing with an illness. There is no easy answer, but if we attempt to change our perspective, to become more understanding or to look for the lessons, to not look at the situation as a setback but rather as an opportunity, then we may find that those situations that we were once struggling with are now clouds that are transforming before our very eyes.